The Best Way to Eat Crab Cakes at St Pete Beach

The Best Way to Eat Crab Cakes at St. Pete Beach

Crab Cakes are a specialty seafood menu item that so many of us love, but there are different ways to make and eat Crab Cakes and everyone seems to have their own recipe. So, what is the best way to eat Crab Cakes at St. Pete Beach?

What Is a Crab Cake?

Let’s start with the basics. A crab cake is traditionally made of crab meat and other binding and flavoring ingredients. These ingredients typically include bread crumbs or crackers and eggs. Other common ingredients are mayonnaise, mustard, and other seasonings. 

Maryland crab cakes, the most popular type of crab cakes, are typically made with Maryland Blue Crabs.

How Did Hamburgers Originate?

The term hamburger did (most likely) come from Hamburg, Germany. But this is only the beginning of the story, and the true hamburger had not yet been formulated. In Hamburg, the Hamburg steak (a patty made from beef, garlic, and onions) was served with gravy, onion, and potatoes, not with a bun or even bread.

How Do You Eat a Crab Cake?

You can eat a crab cake anyway you like, plain with a fork, on a salad, on a sandwich and more. But we think the very best way to eat a crab cake is at Burger-ish.

How to Reheat Crab Cakes

*Eat leftover crab cakes within 2 days. They should be in the fridge in a sealed container. 

Don’t dry out your leftover crab cakes in the oven or microwave! If you have an air fryer, reheat at 350 for 3 to 5 minutes, flip the cakes around 2 minutes. Heat up your air fryer for a minute or two first for the best results. 

Another method involves the oven (toaster oven works too). Preheat at 325. Place the crab cake(s) on aluminum foil with room in-between each cake. Put a small pat of salted butter on top. Use a pan with a lid or cover with foil. You can also add a pan of water in your oven to help keep them moist instead of foil or a lid. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Where to Get the Best Crab Cakes on St. Pete Beach

Burger-ish is the best restaurant on St. Pete Beach to eat crab cakes! Come let us serve you at 4755 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706. Check out our Menu. We have the best burger on St. Pete Beach too! We offer Pick Up and Delivery.

The Best Way to Eat Crab Cakes at St. Pete Beach

The best way to eat crab cakes at St. Pete Beach is on a bed of romaine, drizzled with avocado cilantro lime sauce and habanero aioli at Burger-ish Bar and Grill. Come see us and try our Maryland Style Crab Cakes.

Drinks to Pair with Crab Cakes

The best wines to pair with crab cakes are Chardonnay, Champagne, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc. The best cocktails to have with crab cakes are ones with white rum or gin. We recommend our Mojito, Rum Runner, Coco Loco or Lem-osa with your crab cakes at Burger-ish. 

Now you know the best way to eat crab cakes at St. Pete Beach! Come tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your craving with the best Crab Cakes on St. Pete Beach at Burger-ish. We have just the right drinks to pair with your crab cakes too. See you soon!

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